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Age: 22 Years Old
Type: Cyclops / Monoeye
Eye Colour: Gold / Yellow Iris
Skin Colour: Purple / Blue
Hair Colour: Silver / White
Hair Length: Long and tied up in various ways.
Personality: Grumpy; Blunt; Pouty; Sharp-Tongued;
Hobbies: Fashion; Coffee; Working out;
Likes: Evelyn;
Weaknesses: Evelyn;

Personal Notes

I love Zoey a lot, i made her back in August 22nd 2016.

I was getting burnt out with Evelyn at the time and i wanted to make a counterpart to her, which is why her hair is silver/white and her skin a more blue/purple.

If i recall during the stream i was making her i had asked my close friends Jordie, Lydia, and a few others for their opinion on things. Zoey was named by Jordie (@Madolche) in the end as i honestly really liked the sound of it and the people who were present at the time also liked it. Funny enough, i was toying with the name being Iris or an eye pun of some description but i didn't like it in the end, mainly because to me - it felt too on the nose on her being a Monoeye OC.

Ever since, Zoey has been a big embodiment of my moods and a big comfort character to me, i named my Twitter after her (@GrumpyCyclops) with the intention to draw OC art mainly cos at the time doing fanart attracted the wrong type of attention to me.