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Age: 24 Years Old
Height: 174 cm (5ft7)
Type: Demon / Succubus
Eye Colour: White Iris with Black Sclera
Skin Colour: Red / Crimson
Hair Colour: Black with White Streaks
Hair Length: Short and tied up in pony tail usually.
Personality: Bubbly; Cheerful; Lewd; Flirtacious;
Likes: Zoey; Teasing Zoey; Fashion; Fire;
Weaknesses: Zoey;

Personal Notes

According to her reference sheet I've had Evelyn since 15th December 2012, she's my longest owned OC.

An adoptable i bought from my friend Xenthyl over more than 10 years ago.

I really like her a lot, she's one of the mains reasons i got super into drawing monster girls.

I hold a lot of sentimentality behind this character the most.